Messy Play Kits

Messy Play kits are activity kits that contain materials and instructions for 3-4 sensory activities. Each kit comes with all the materials needed to engage children in messy sensory play- oozing oobleck, stretchy slime, slippery slimy spaghetti, fizzy hatching dinosaur eggs! Each kit is packaged by theme, ranging from Dinosaur Dig to Pirate Play to Famous Artists.

Messy Play Kits are specifically designed to be enjoyed by children ages 3-9, but may be enjoyed by older siblings as well. They are available here as a monthly subscription, or in packages of 6- and 12-month subscriptions. Individual kits are also available in select stores in the San Francisco and North Lake Tahoe areas, as well as in my Etsy store. Monthly subscribers will receive a new Messy Play Kit each month, and the theme of that month's kit is a secret until it arrives!

Messy Play Kits contain materials for one child, so please order one kit per child who will be participating in your Messy Play adventure. For discounts for siblings, playgroups and birthday parties, or for wholesale orders, contact me.

Sample activities include:

Messy Play kit

For more information about the benefits of Messy Play, read our About page.